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Should I Buy a Refurbished OPPO Smartphone? - The Technology Store

Should I Buy a Refurbished OPPO Smartphone?

Refurbished phones can be an excellent way to save money on your next phone purchase. But what is a refurbished phone, and what are the benefits?

1. What does 'OPPO Official Refurbished Device' mean?

Refurbished products are fully functional, original pre-owned devices or ex-demo devices. All devices are fully cleaned and inspected by a technician in Auckland, and any work carried out before sale will contain only original, genuine OPPO replacement parts.

2. Warranty

We are committed to providing you the best service by including a 12-month warranty with every OPPO Official Refurbished smartphone. Our local service team in Auckland can assist with any technical issues or repairs at any time of the device’s lifetime – whether in-warranty or not, using only official OPPO replacement parts.

3. Unlocked & 100% Functional in New Zealand.

All OPPO Refurbished Smartphones are imported specifically for use within New Zealand – not parallel imported. Our devices are network unlocked and can be used on any network in New Zealand or overseas.

 4. 20 Point Test

All OPPO Refurbished Smartphones under-go a pre and post purchase inspection. This inspection includes a 20 point checklist to ensure everything is fully functional. Tests range from touch responsiveness all the way to phone call and keypad testing. These tests ensure you're getting the most out of your new refurbished device.